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Walking him home – Feby Chan and Naomi Reed

Frank Skinner - A Comedian's Prayer Book

Freiheit: the White Rose graphic novel – Andrea Gross Giponte

Brian McLaren – Faith after doubt: Why your beliefs stopped working and what to do about it

Anna Kettle – Sand Between your Toes: Inspirations for a Slower, Simpler, and More Soulful Life

Winn Collier – A Burning in my Bones: The Authorised Biography of Eugene H Peterson

Andy Percey – Made to Belong: Moving beyond tribalism to find our true connection in God

Timothy Keller – Hope in times of fear: The Resurrection and the meaning of Easter

Amy and Andy Crouch – My Tech-Wise Life: Growing Up and Making Choices in a World of Devices

Lent Courses: Rachel Mann – Still Standing / Sarah Mullally (editor) – Rooted in Love / Caroline Woolridge – Pylon People

Jonathan T Pennington – Jesus the Great Philosopher: rediscovering the wisdom needed for the good life

J Todd Billings – The end of the Christian life: how embracing our mortality frees us to live

Constantine R Campbell & Jonathan T Pennington – Reading the New Testament as Christian Scripture: A Literary, Canonical, and Theological Survey

Nel Bennet – A chance to be sorry: forgiving those who are not sorry

An Unconventional God: the Spirit according to Jesus – Jack Levison

Scott Bader-Saye – Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear: Choosing Trust over Safety in An Anxious Age

Three Vicars Talking – Revs Richard Coles, Kate Bottley, Giles Fraser

Every step an arrival – Eugene Peterson

But Where Are You Really From? – On Identity, Humanhood and Hope by Amanda Khozi Mukwashi

Thy Will be Done - Stephen Cherry (2021 Lent Book)

Bear Grylls - Soul Fuel for Young Explorers

Rewilding the Church – Steve Aisthorpe

Robert Glover – As Many as the Stars: A Story of Change for the Children of China

J.I. Packer: His Life and Thought – Alister McGrath