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Summer festivals see a harvest as young people come to Christ

At least 1800 people came to faith in Christ at the Soul Survivor and Momentum events this summer ...

More than 25,000 young people attended the three Soul Survivor events this summer in Stafford and Somerset, with 5000+ at Momentum, an event for those in their 20s and 30s. Many Christians brought friends who aren’t part of church and in the main meetings alone 1801 give their lives to Jesus.
Soul Survivor Director and event host Mike Pilavachi, said: “It’s always incredible and humbling to see thousands of young people meeting with Jesus, and a privilege to see hundreds give their lives to God. But these numbers are made up of individuals with stories to tell of how their Saviour has impacted their lives. 

"Last year we had an anorexic 15-year-old girl at Soul Survivor A who weighed just 5 stone with a BMI of 11. We were seriously concerned for her life but through the week she really met with Jesus. Just 12 months on, after continuing the walk to freedom through Jesus, the same girl came to me beaming with joy and weighing 10 stone, with a BMI of 22. She couldn’t stop saying, 'Jesus did it! He set me free!'

"A young guy at Soul Survivor B confided that he was persuaded to come to the event by some friends, but he had no interest in becoming a Christian. The first night he thought we seemed an eccentric bunch, but a few evenings later he told me everything had changed and he had given his life to Jesus. These are just two stories of the hundreds we have heard of how Jesus has met people in powerful and life-changing ways this summer.”
Highlights from the three Soul Survivor conferences included:

  • Morning Bible studies led by Andy Croft looking at the book of Acts and what differentiates us as God’s people
  • Seminars covering topics such as getting into the Bible, evangelism, leadership, worship, prayer, the Church, sex & relationships, healing, suffering, reaching the poor and marginalised, the persecuted church, science & Christianity, and a look at the popular ‘Hunger Games’ series
  • Worship was led by Beth Croft, Sam Bailey, Tom Field, Jamie Rodwell, and Rend Collective.
  • The launch of Soul Survivor Youth Bible with over 500 articles and helpful information for young people to access God’s word
  • 2000 young people signed up to take part in the Soul Action ‘Free 2 Play’ campaign, to raise money and awareness to end trafficking, and 9000 bought Freedom Bands the money from which will help feed and educate children in Cambodia

Highlights of Momentum included:

  • Morning Bible studies by Mike Pilavachi and Andy Croft on the life of King David, with evening teaching from Danielle Strickland on God overcoming our fears, the greatness of God and reaching those who don’t know Jesus
  • Around 80 seminars covering topics like relationships, mission in the workplace, politics, a Christian view of abortion, fertility treatment & assisted suicide/euthanasia; sexuality and gay marriage, what church is and how we reach those outside of church, how we find God when life seems hopeless and how we deal with loss, communicating the gospel in relevant language & metaphor, understanding our purpose, and science/evolution
  • Worship led by Beth Croft, Sam Bailey, Tom Field, and Rend Collective
  • 35 people gave their lives to Jesus in the main meetings.
  • A free giant hog roast for everyone on the Sunday afternoon as an opportunity to build community and get to know new people.

 Mike added: "Once again we have been amazed and humbled at the powerful, kind and loving way the Lord has met with his people. Our main job, as always, was to try not to get in his way. I honestly believe we are seeing a greater openness to the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ than at any time over the past 20 years."

Soul Survivor A, Stafford         Friday 26 – Tuesday 30 July
Soul Survivor B, Somerset       Tuesday 13 – Saturday 17 August
Soul Survivor C, Somerset       Sunday 18 – Thursday 22 August
Momentum, Somerset            Friday 23 – Tuesday 27 August (over the Bank Holiday weekend)

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