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Noah's Ark zoo farm urges prayer for end to the rain

A Bristol zoo modelled on Noah's Ark has urged the nation to pray for good weather to see an end to the rain wrecking crops and deterring tourists ...

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol suggests this week that the nation prays for fine weather, after the unseasonal and continuing deluge which is causing concern for farmers and outdoor tourist attractions throughout the UK.
The zoo points out that wet months in the past few years have not been followed by ‘averaging out’ with dry ones, contrary to the popular view. In 2007, the very wet May was followed by the then all time wet June, which was followed by the all time wet July. Similarly, the July, August and September of 2008 were all wet.

At the moment the national grain crop needs urgent sunshine to swell the grain.
Historically, the Church of England adopted a Prayer for Fair Weather in 1860.
Noah’s Ark staff are making their own petition to God for fine weather, considering the significant impact the unseasonably wet weather is having on arable farmers and those businesses which rely on the gate receipts from visitors, like their own.
Somewhat unusually, senior staff also have the “petition in writing” to God, a written copy of the prayer signed and kept to hand as a daily reminder:
“We, your humble servants, remembering the world’s ancestor, Noah, whose name we bear, petition your Majesty, King Jesus, Messiah, Creator and Master of Heaven, the earth and the universe and bring our undeserved request to you about the weather.
"We gratefully acknowledge that at the beginning of April, many people across Britain were asking you most earnestly for rain. Crops were in danger and hose-pipe bans enforced. Though we did not deserve it because of our idolatry after other gods and our selfishness in ignoring your most important commands to love you first and our neighbours as ourselves; yet you granted our request and sent us rain.
"Thank you that we have received the rain we needed, in some areas to the point of flooding; here at Noah’s Ark an all-time wet April and 50% above our previous all-time June record.
"We are now asking for fine weather. Whatever others may ask you for, here we ask for no day-time rain for two months and sufficient continuous day-and-night fine weather to make hay and gather the harvest. Some of us remember 1976 in Britain and a few may remember 1921 before this; we know that we are a rain-dependent, green and pleasant land which you have favoured and which we humbly trust you will continue to favour.
"We would also request that you look with favour and mercy on those parts of the world, especially Africa, where there has been little rain, and answer their prayers to you for the rain they need. We also ask you to help those caught up in the angry crossfire of war and those of your people who are attacked and harmed just because they are yours. In your anger about this hatred, please remember their helplessness and in your mercy, come to their defence.”
“We remain your humble servants."
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Photos: Top: Welsh school children braving the unsettled weather to enjoy the Play Ark at the zoo.
Above right: White rhinos at Noah’s Ark enjoy the extra mud churned up during the wet spring at the zoo.

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