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Taking the gospel to solstice revellers at Stonehenge

Chatting to druids, witches, pagans and partygoers is all in a night’s work for evangelist Jonathan Brain ...

Chatting to druids, witches, pagans and partygoers is all in a night’s work for evangelist Jonathan Brain.
Jonathan, who works with Christian charity Counties, joined thousands of people at Stonehenge in Wiltshire on Wednesday (20 June) as they braved the wet weather and witnessed the sunrise on the longest day of the year.
Thousands gathered at the prehistoric site to celebrate the summer solstice and Jonathan joined them to share his faith. Informal chats with people, carrying a cross, as well as prayers before the event and leaflet drops, are just some of the ways Jonathan reaches out with the Gospel at the event, which is significant for pagans and druids, who mark it with religious ceremonies.
The married father of two, from north Wiltshire village Yatton Keynell, has visited the event for the last 12 years. He said: “As far as I know, I am the only Christian witnessing at Stonehenge.
“It can be quite an intimidating place and there are corners of darkness but the vast majority of people are very open to talking to me and each year I have very interesting conversations.
“One druid I met asked me lots of questions on what I believed; he knew very little about Christianity and was quite open to what I had to say. We then became friends on Facebook and I regularly pray for him. He’s not yet a Christian but he still keeps in touch, asking me about spiritual matters.”
Jonathan continued: “Sometimes it may only be a brief conversation with someone but it spurs me to pray for that person. I once met an RE teacher who was also a practising witch, she said she loved all the old hymns and asked if we could sing her favourite hymn Immortal Invisible. We sang together and I prayed for her.
“Sometimes I wonder what I am doing there but it’s a great opportunity to meet some fantastic people, many of whom have never been exposed to the Gospel.”

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