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Research shows nine million Middle East children watch Christian TV

A massive number of children in the Arab world are tuning in to Christian TV programmes - and are calling out for more ...

A massive number of children in the Arab world are tuning in to Christian TV programmes – and are calling out for more.
The results of recent surveys indicate that more than nine million children across the Middle East and North Africa are watching SAT-7 KIDS programming, which communicates truth, positive values and education in a fun and safe environment. 

It is proving invaluable to parents seeking a positive and trustworthy source of Christ-centred entertainment and education in the home. SAT-7 KIDS broadcasts in Arabic across the Middle East and North Africa.

The survey was conducted by InterMedia, an independent global media research firm. The results highlight that the parents of 9.25 million children say the children in their household watch SAT-7 KIDS. And the largest proportion of viewers under the age of 15 is in Iraq (4 million) and Saudi Arabia (1.8 million).

Executive Director of SAT-7 KIDS, Rita Elmounayer, says of the survey findings: "Wow! It is very encouraging. But it really is the hand of God. Our KIDS team is so terribly small and we are working with a very small budget."

Additionally, the channel's Programming Manager says: "They say that, with a million people, you can change a country. With nine million, you can change a whole region."

In spite of the challenges, SAT-7 KIDS is always seeking to take programming one step further and improve interaction with viewers. There are two live weekly programmes that currently prompt a lot of direct responses from the audience, because viewers can call in and talk to the hosts.
Why is That? is a SAT-7 programme from Egypt that lets viewers call in with any questions they want answered, and Let's Sing Together is a music show from Lebanon.

Another popular form of audience interaction takes place online. Last December, a fresh interactive website launched for SAT-7 KIDS. The channel's presence on Facebook and YouTube also lets viewers comment on shows and the number of responses has quadrupled in the past three years.

One Iraqi girl said: "Please pray that I will keep Christ in my heart and never leave him for any reason. This request is not only for me but it is also for you and for everyone on this Earth, whether they are Christian or not."

A mother from Iraq said: "My daughter is six years old. She is always watching these programmes.  Please send us more Bible stories."

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