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"It was a leap of faith"

When God told Alison Hills from Sevenoaks: "Wherever you go I will watch over you", little did she know that she would be travelling from Kent to Kenya ...

I was working for the NHS and had no plans to leave until I retired, but God had different ideas.
Early in 2009 I left my job after over 20 years as an occupational therapist. I was finding work at a local hospital increasingly draining and demoralising. So with God’s promise from Genesis 28:15, that “wherever you go I will watch over you” in mind, I took a leap of faith and tendered my resignation.

I’d no idea what God might have in store for me and initially it appeared that ‘a dark pit’ was my destination  After some months of retreat and restoration, the opportunity arose to apply for the newly created role of ‘fundraising and sponsorship co-ordinator’ for Kisumu Children Trust, which has built and runs a Christian Children’s Home and ministry in Kisumu, West Kenya. Most of the 50+ children are Aids orphans.

In Britain when children meet for the first time, the conversation will go: “Where do you live; what does your Dad do; have you got an X-box?  In Kenya, often the first question a child will ask is: “Do you have any family; did your parents have pain; how much pain; did they die in pain?”

When rescued, our children rarely know how old they are and often are not sure where they have lived. Some don’t even know if their parents are alive. 

Catherine (not her real name) is one of the children who has lived at the home for many years. The Trust has funded her education and she has nearly finished a course in journalism and mass media communication studies.

When the Trust chairman visited, Catherine was delighted to be able to demonstrate her new-found skills and subsequently received her first commission  –  to produce a promotional DVD for  The Kisumu Children Trust.

Click HERE if you would like more information on Kisumu Children Trust or its sponsorship scheme.

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