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Who do you look up to? Could someone look up ... to you?

Hmmm, mentoring - that's an interesting one ...

We can all probably look back and see people in our lives who have helped us. Shown us the way to go. Taught us things.

Some of these people might be those you'd expect. A parent. A family member. A teacher or youth leader. Friends.

Some of them might have had a formal role. A mentor, who you met regularly to seek advice, and learn from. Others could have been much more informal. That friend you played football with, who seemed to have the knack of sharing their life and wisdom in a way you connected with. That person you got chatting to on the train.

Maybe some of them, you only met once. But that one occasion made a huge impact. Others had a positive influence on you over many years.

I'm grateful to people who helped me as a young Christian, without much if any church background. People who didn't tell me how to pray, but showed me. People who encouraged me to find my way round the Bible. Youth leaders who plugged into my world in such a way that I could see how faith in Christ could radically change my decision-making, the places I went and the people I got to know.

So maybe here's another Lent challenge. Identify those who have helped, shaped and mentored you. Thank God for them. If they're still around, let them know you appreciate it. And maybe think if there are others you can do the same for.

Yes, even with the faults and failings we know about ourselves. If we wait until we think we're good or holy enough, we'll never do it. After all, we're all flawed - and only Jesus can present us before God as flawless.

This little video plug for The Mentoring Project makes the point nicely. Even if you're not an elephant.

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