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Count those blessings - and say thanks

Us Brits love a moan. So all the more reason in Lent to acc-ent-chuate the positive ...

Here's a great reminder in the 40acts Lent journey to remember all those people and things that God has blessed us with.

Maybe it's not our instinctive habit – and we Brits do like a good moan – but it's only when you sit down and realise all the amazing people and opportunities God brings into your life that you realise there's more reason to be cheerful, and thankful, than we often think.

And the encouragement is not just to say thanks to God, but actually to say something – in person, by letter, text, tweet, e-mail or status update – to verbalise it in reality. Chances are that not only will you feel better, the person you contact will too!

"Build one another up - all the more as you see the Day approaching" and all that. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Who are you thanking today?

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