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When the gospel pops up in unexpected places ...

A Christian mixing it with the revellers at Stonehenge is just the tip of the iceberg ...

It was great to hear this week of Counties evangelist Jonathan Brain's visit to Stonehenge to talk to those gathered at the ancient monument to celebrate the 'summer solstice'.

Over the years I've reported on growing numbers of Christians deliberately choosing to engage with people in settings where a couple of decades back you probably wouldn't have found believers:

* sharing their faith at Body, Mind & Spirit fairs
* serving practically and prayerfully at the Glastonbury Festival
* ministering to people in the sex industry
* helping partygoers and nightclubbers in the early hours in initiatives like Street Pastors and Street Angels

There are plenty more.

The truth is that we will never reach people for Christ if we don't go where they are. We will never understand how to present the astonishing good news of God's love unless we spend time in their world. We will never engage people in a way they will listen to us until we have taken time to listen to them, to love them unconditionally and to understand where they are coming from.

Most people are looking for meaning, purpose and a reason for getting out of bed in the morning. Lots are far more open to radical gospel of Jesus than we think. But they need to see it embodied - walked out in flesh and blood.

Words alone won't do it. Deeds alone won't do it. Both combined in sacrificial love and the power of the Holy Spirit made tangible in their world just might.

What do you think? Where do you or your church have a presence today that would have been unthinkable 20 years ago? Mail me to comment.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK (spotted on CVM's Man Friday newsletter)

And this wise man asked me to stop. He said, stop asking God to bless what you're doing. Get involved in what God is doing – because it's already blessed.

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