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What is church to you? Get tweeting ...

A new Twitter initiative is asking people to capture what church means to them

What kind of things are you really grateful for in your church? Friends? Great worship? Good teaching? Support during hard times? The after-service coffee?

A new social media project hatched by the imaginative bods at Share Creative and Godculture magazine aims to get a snapshot of what people value in their church, under the hashtag #ThisisChurch

Organised as part of the 2012 Pentecost Festival, getting involved is easy:

1 Get creative. Take a photo that shows what church means to you.
2 Tweet it. Include a description and the tag #thisischurch

Photos have started going up already at

Maybe Willow Creek pastor Bill Hybels captured the spirit behind the project:

“There is nothing like the local church when it’s working right. Its beauty is indescribable. Its power is breathtaking. Its potential is unlimited. It comforts the grieving and heals the broken in the context of community.”

I'm hoping to capture something of our church this weekend. How about you?

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