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Living slowly

In a constantly connected world, it can be hard to deliberately switch off ...

How good are you at chilling out? Really switching off and taking a break?

I'm not bad at it - but I have to work at it. Problem is for most of us if we work in the media is that we don't work normal hours and in many senses we're never really 'off duty'.

Wherever we are, we're reachable. The smartphone brings the world to you, even when you'd like to get away from it. "Just checking my messages. Oh, and email. And I'll tweet while I'm about it."

Whatever we're doing, we have half an ear out for a story. When we're listening to music, going to the theatre or watching a film, we catch ourselves framing up the first sentence of a potential review.

Own up, how often do you check your phone when you're sat in the car at a level crossing? Or find you're glancing at it while out for a meal as soon as you hear a social media alert?

We have a constant challenge to use modern technology, and not let it use us. In a 'share at all costs' society, we can develop a relationship with technology that can easily get unhealthy. Communicate or die, almost.

And then we complain that we never hear God's voice. How can He make himself heard above the din? "Be still and know that I am God" has never been more necessary as a piece of advice.

So I'm making a start. Trying to listen more intently. Resisting the temptation when I travel to always plug in earphones. Saying the Lord's Prayer at noon each day. Slowing down.

I'm trying to take a step back, and to give God room – and space – to speak. I think He has things He wants to say to me.

I suspect I'm not the only one.

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