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Graphic artist Brian Dawson - February 2011 - My Story

Brian Dawson from Delaware in the USA, was once a homeless drug addict. Now he’s using his artistic talents to retell the life of Christ
Brian once found himself living in between his truck and some woods, immersed in a life of drug and alcohol addiction.
In March 2006 he made plans to end his life at a nearby lake armed with a bottle, a pistol and no hope.
Reaching for the gun, he accidentally grabbed a Bible that was on the floor in the back of his truck and instead found himself asking God to save him from the life he had created.

It was the last time he ever touched drugs.
“It was as though a voice spoke to me and said: ‘You don’t need this anymore’,” says Brian, now 38 and the Creative Services Director for a US newspaper.
“Almost immediately after I gave my life to God, things started falling into place. I was offered a job I had applied for a year previously, I found a church, a wonderful woman who got me cleaned up and on the right path.”
Roughly a year later, Brian felt called to use a gift he was blessed with to help serve God through artwork.  Over the next few years, he began the journey of compiling the Gospels to retell the story of the life of Jesus Christ in a 242-page graphic novel.
The result is a three-part mini series adapted from scripture in full colour illustrations that Brian hopes to use as a tool to minister to a younger generation.
“We live in a very visual age,” says Brian. “A lot of people might not be so quick to pick up their Bible and learn of the saving grace through Christ.
“The hope is that telling the story through a visual medium will reach people who might otherwise miss out on the Good News.”

  • King of Kings: The Chronicles of Jesus is now available from The second book is due to be released in February 2011 and the final one in April.

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