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Big Church Day Out - Tim Jupp Q&A - Feb Inspire 2010

TIM JUPP spills the beans on growing 1-day event the Big Church Day Out …

How did the Big Church Day Out come about?

Back in the early Cutting Edge days before Delirious really existed we used to take our monthly youth event outdoors on the seafront in Littlehampton once a year. This event made a huge impact in our community, and it has always been in my heart to see something like this again in the part of the UK where I live.

Unlike many festivals, you have aimed BCDO at the whole family – do you think this is something that has been missing in the UK?

Many other one day 'festival' type events are often very youth-focused. Whilst we have a programme and artists that cater for young people as well as all ages, my heart and vision is to see the whole Church come together, and celebrate together that we are all part of something much larger than just our own immediate community. Only week-long camps have tried to do this, but never quite like we’ve begun to do in one day.

BCDO was a sell out with 15,000 people turning up in the very first year. That must have been incredibly satisfying for you?

It was a shock for me and many others – not least of all the police and the traffic problems we had because of it!! I think it was really the result of almost two events happening together. We had individuals who wanted to buy tickets to see some of their favourite artists, and we had whole church groups buying into the vision of the Church coming together in celebration.

With big names lined up for BCDO 2010 like Switchfoot, Hillsong United, Tim Hughes, and Israel Houghton, how do you select the line-up?

We have a vision for creating an event where some of the best artists and worship leaders can all be seen together in one day, so that we do the music 'thing' with excellence, and also create an environment for people to bring friends too who maybe aren't part of church, but would still love the event because of the quality of the music.


Big Church Day out is on 29 May at Stanford Hall, Leicestershire, and 30 & 31 May at Wiston House, West Sussex. Book tickets from £13 at


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