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CMS - February 2010 - Mission Community

People from all walks of life and church backgrounds are committing themselves to an exciting mission way of living, says CMS 

The idea of community isn’t new, of course, and it’s not really new to the Church Mission Society, which was born out of the close-knit community of the Clapham Sect in 1799.

However, CMS has been making a conscious shift from mission agency to being a mission community with members committed to sharing Jesus and changing lives wherever they are.

Of course CMS still sends people overseas and receives people from overseas, but the community is also renewing its focus on Every Member Mission – the members of the CMS Community commit to a mission way of living.

Here are seven reasons why people are joining the CMS mission community:

1 “Because we want our lives to be more about mission.”

“The CMS Community helps me think about the mission of God in new ways and get involved with mission personally. I don’t want mission to be just something I do from time to time; I want God’s mission to shape who I am.”

2  “Because we believe God is still working in the world.”

“There are many troubles in our world, yet God is still redeeming and transforming people and communities. I want to be part of that and I want to share that hope with others, both in my own community and around the world.”

3  “Because mission isn’t someone else’s job; it’s mine.”

“I used to think mission was something that professional missionaries did in far-off locations. Now I know some people are called overseas, but all of us are called to share Jesus where we are.”

4 “Because we want to live for Jesus. Every day.”

“Can you imagine what a difference it would make if we all got up in the morning and said: ‘Today I want to be living proof of Christ’s love in everything I say and do and with everything I have?’ We all know we can’t live up to this alone, but if we all help each other … well that’s part of what the CMS mission community is all about.”

5 “Because we need fuel for the journey.”

“I don’t have all the answers; I need to constantly replenish my passion for mission through reading the Bible, praying and connecting with people who can challenge my assumptions. That’s the benefit of being involved in a community that is all about mission. Through CMS, I’ve met people who can help me grow and learn and I’ve been able to share insights, too.”

6 “Because we want to help our local church keep mission a priority.”

“Being a member of the CMS Community has helped me be part of a local congregation and encourage them to keep focusing on mission, not only locally, but globally by staying in step with the amazing things God is doing in his Church in other places.”

7 “Because we want to renew our mind and spirit regularly with others.”

“There’s a rhythm of life in CMS and part of that is regularly taking stock of how I’m doing with all I aspire to be as a disciple of Jesus. I know the journey is ongoing, and it’s easy to get complacent, so being able to regularly review my commitment to mission with others is extremely helpful.”

If you give to mission, pray for mission, stay informed about mission or have a passion for mission, why not join the CMS Community and connect with a spread-out network of others who can help fuel your passion?

To explore membership in the CMS Community, contact Anita Matthews on (UK) 01865 787496 or e-mail:

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