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CMS - Inspire January 10

A team of people from across the UK will be “putting their wheels in mission” and doing a national 13-city sponsored cycle tour this May.

Called ‘Revolution’, the ride will raise much-needed money for Church Mission Society (CMS) and South American Mission Society (SAMS) people and projects worldwide. But that’s not the riders’ only goal.

“The heart of the tour,” explained Phil, one of the participants, “will be to challenge us all to recommit ourselves to living a mission lifestyle, dedicated to sharing Jesus and changing lives where we are and throughout the world.”

Beginning in Hull on Sunday 9 May, the cyclists will ride to a new city each day; at night local CMS and SAMS churches will host events that will celebrate the integration of the two missions into one new mission community and challenge attendees to recommit to mission in their lives.

The last stop on the tour is Oxford on 22 May, the day before Pentecost.

“CMS and SAMS are hosting a celebration and rededication in Oxford that day called Day 50, which refers to Pentecost. Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, will be the main speaker. There will be lively worship and other inspiring mission speakers as well,” said Tim Dakin, CMS General Secretary, adding, “Everyone is invited. There’s still room for more on the cycle team, too!”

To take part in a day, week or all 13 days of the Revolution cycle tour, or to sponsor a cyclist riding for mission, contact Chris at: or call 01865 787 517. 

To get tickets for Day 50, visit or call Anita on 01865 787496.

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