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Tearfund - October 07 - Prayer against world poverty

Tearfund’s Global Poverty Prayer week on 12-18 November will see thousands of Christians at events, prayer meetings and activities all designed for one thing: praying about poverty. REBECCA TAYLOR reports

We've already received hundreds of prayers from people around the world ahead of Global Poverty Prayer week – all asking for God to act on the issues causing poverty and for the billions in poor communities affected by them.

And we’re inspired.

Global poverty prayer chain – pass it on

We’ve launched a Global poverty prayer website and have been astounded by the breadth and depth of the prayers we’ve received for our prayer chain. These prayers cry out to God to help them identify with the hardship felt by so many around the world.

Read more of the dreams for an end to poverty at and see how prayer is working in the lives of communities that Tearfund works with.

We’ve selected some here as well – see what this passionate praying has been about.

But will it work?

“Yes, because prayer is a powerful means of changing individual lives and communities,” says Sara Kandiah from Tearfund, heading up the prayer week.

“In the next 10 years, Tearfund wants to see 50 million people released from poverty through a network of 100,000 local churches and the only way we are going to see this vision realised is by praying that it would happen,” she says.

Church changes lives in Mumbai

Communities caught up in the sex trade have benefi ted from the work of a group of churches in Bombay.

Tearfund partner Sahaara Charitable Society (SCS) who work with Gateways Ministry International (GMI) have enabled women to leave the trade.

Children have been put into safe homes, finding fresh hope. Without the combined efforts of those from these churches working and praying for them, who knows where these communities might be now.

Prayer in a disaster zone proves powerful

Through a day of prayer and fasting, Cath Haynes, Operations Officer in Tearfund’s disaster management team, was inspired by an answer to prayer.

“We prayed that equipment stuck in customs in northern Sudan for over nine months would be cleared and used in the vital programme work,” she says. “That same day we were notified that one of the vehicles had been released!” says an animated Cath.

What you can do

You can be part of the Global poverty prayer week on 12-18 November and ask God to bless the work Tearfund is doing.

You can order your resource pack for ideas at or call 0845 355 8355.

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