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September 07 - Tearfund - Now is the time

Thousands of Christians throughout the world will join together for Tearfund’s Global poverty prayer week on 12-18 November. Friends of Tearfund Pete Greig from 24-7 prayer network and Tim Hughes, international worship leader share their prayers for poor communities across the globe.

Snapshot around the world

Working in more than 60 countries, Tearfund’s church-based partners see the same thing time and time again; when the spiritual and the practical meet, lives are changed. Here’s a snapshot of Tearfund’s work, with ideas for prayer with a difference during Global poverty prayer week.

Global poverty prayer week

"Tearfund’s new prayer resource pack is part of the Global poverty prayer week on 12-18 November. In partnership with the 24-7 Prayer network, the week is set to inspire Christians around the world to pray for issues like HIV, disasters and climate change and for communities locked in poverty," says Sara Kandiah at Tearfund. "From London to Liberia – people around the world will be asking for poverty to end."

See for more and read stories of lives transformed by the work going on.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

"We are working with communities to provide clean water systems to ensure no-one has to walk more than one kilometre to find water and are installing latrines in homes and schools," says Jane Petty from Tearfund’s disaster management team there.

The team also work with local people to provide shelter and new homes for families. Rural areas were attacked during the war and there is a real fear about going back to these places. "Rebuilding can give people the confidence to return," says Jane. 

She adds, "Please pray for real peace in the country. Technically the war is over, but every day we hear stories of rebel groups rearming and wreaking havoc in rural communities. Pray for the people recovering from years of corruption and war; that they may have hope for a better future and the will to make it happen."

"Our Father, holy and awesome is your name. Your Kingdom come and your will be done on this broken earth, as it is in the heavens. Have mercy on the millions of families oppressed by disease, disaster, unjust laws, poor living conditions or the destruction of their environment."
Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 a worldwide non-stop prayer movement.

Recovering from 30 years of civil war in which 200,000 people died, many communities in the DRC were completely destroyed and need basic services restored.


"I would like to pray that every child in the world has the opportunity to be educated," says Tim Hughes, international worship leader. "Lord Jesus, we pray that you would open up the doors, open up the resources – both practically and physically – so that every child in this world would receive an education."

"Our prayer is that the people of Zimbabwe can have access to education and to have three meals a day," says one of Tearfund's partners there. 
Please pray that in the meantime aid can get to those who most need it.


There are more than 10 million Christians in Egypt, but as a minority group many face discrimination. The war in Iraq has intensified hostilities against Christians in Egypt, leading to some homes being burned.

"Sometimes the actions of the West to the Arab world reflect back to us as Christians … so praying is very important," says a Tearfund partner.

Please pray for the work Christians do in Egypt with poor communities, and ask for their protection. Pray also that Muslim and Christian communities would be able to build bridges with each other in peace.

"Move our hearts, enlighten our minds and stir our spirits to pray. Help us to: act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with you."  (Pete Greig)

Tearfund works with partners on projects ranging from providing church-based kindergartens to raising awareness amongst communities where people are living with HIV.

You can see more on Tim and Pete’s prayers at www.tearfund/org/churchprayers

• You can phone Tearfund’s enquiries team on 0845 355 8355 (ROI 0044 845 355 8355) e-mail or log on to for a Global poverty prayer week pack. Inside there’s a DVD featuring more friends of Tearfund with their prayers as well as an update from Fombe village, Malawi, showing us the impact that prayer is having on their communities. There’s also creative ideas for prayer and tips on how to put together your own Global poverty prayer week event, dinner or service

• You can also find out more on Global poverty prayer week and its resources at

"In You is the power,
With You there can be change,
Through us make it happen,
Amen"  (Pete Greig)

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