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Fusion – DMC Deck, Discipleship Deck, P.R.A.Y. Deck

Building friendship and deepening conversation are so much a part of sharing the Christian faith and looking to see our friends and family drawn closer to Jesus, I’ve always been surprised there aren’t more creative practical resources to help us.

Encouragingly, student ministry Fusion are helping plug the gap. While these creative card packs have in fact been available for 2-3 years, they’re probably not much known outside student and university circles, particularly with so much outreach activity being suspended during the pandemic.

Now, let’s be honest, this isn’t the first time packs of cards have been used to help Christians reach out to others, deepen their discipleship, and pray imaginatively, but these are well designed, thoughtfully put together and backed up by lots of creative ideas on how to use them effectively, whether it’s playing a fun game in the pub or digging deeper in conversation one to one.

The DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversations) Deck is the one with the greatest outreach potential, bringing a probing set of questions under the categories Identity, Purpose, Curiosity and Living Well. Some are quirky, some are serious but all are open ended and likely to encourage friends to gently share something of their views, experiences and stories. A 52-card pack, there are suggestions on the Fusion website how you play regular card games using them.

Aimed very much at believers, the Discipleship Deck offers Lifestyle, Mission, Spiritual Growth, Relationships and Challenge cards as the categories, and looks to encourage honesty, integrity and accountability.

And the P.R.A.Y. Deck – again largely angled at those who are already Christians – offers welcome creative options to engage with God, whether you want to Pause and be still, Rejoice, Ask for help or Yield. Produced in collaboration with 24-7Prayer, it also connects with devotional app Lectio 365.

Each pack is available from Fusion for £6.50:


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