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‘No-one is too far from the love and hope of God’

Ricky McAddock gives the background to the work of Street Connect, a charity which began from outreach work done by Glasgow City Church, and which now works with people affected by addiction, homelessness and mental health issues

When people are looking for hope and opportunity for recovery, we want to be there.

We are a faith-based charity who offer hope and the opportunity of recovery to people disadvantaged by addiction and associated issues including homelessness and poor mental health. We are based in west of Scotland, with aspirations to expand our work and bases throughout the UK.

Founders, Ricky and Julie McAddock (pictured below) started working with people in need of support with their addiction and the charity developed from the outreach work at Glasgow City Church. Ricky and Julie have direct experience of not only the life-controlling effects of addiction but also the life-transforming power of putting their faith in Jesus Christ.

The help and support offered at Street Connect is needed now more than ever.

Ricky shared that, “We were saddened to hear that in 2020 there were 1,339 drug-related deaths, a 5% increase on the previous year and the largest number ever recorded (RNS). This is such a sad loss of life and we pray for the families and friends affected.  The challenges of the pandemic have accelerated the use of alcohol and drugs with our communities paying the price. This is when our response makes a difference.”

Street Connect began from Street Outreach and that is still at the heart of the support offered to people in addiction; going out on the streets of our local communities, listening to people in need, without judgement and offering hope of a different way of life. We have a variety of services and programmes, from drop-in cafes, one-to-one and aftercare support and group work.

Street Connect work in partnership with churches across the west of Scotland to be able to reach and allow people to access the support they need within their local community. We currently work with nine church partnerships in or near some of the most deprived areas in Scotland, where there is the greatest risk of drug deaths. It is our hope to further expand our reach and to be in more communities and churches across the UK.

“There are so many things that have improved for me after being involved with Street Connect. Firstly, I'm in a safe and structured environment for my recovery. Secondly, I get access to one-to-one support on a weekly basis from their staff and support team.

I would recommend Street Connect to others as no matter what you are going through, there are people at Street Connect who are there to support you and meet your needs.” (David, participant)

No matter what is in the past, whether it’s dealing with trauma, addiction or homelessness, we believe that no one is too far from the hope and love of God. In all we do, we seek to connect amid life controlling issues and empower them to build a life for themselves.

"In the midst of the pandemic and amid the growing national drug death epidemic, we felt God saying to us that He is raising Street Connect up 'for such a time as this'. This is our Esther moment. He is raising us up to support and equip churches all around the UK to impact their communities and see lives transformed, as people are set free from the negative impact of addiction and associated issues." Ricky McAddock

For more information on Street Connect, the support offered and how you can support this vital work please go to

Ricky McAddock is the Chief Executive of Street Connect.​

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