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Ruth Rice – A-Z of Wellbeing: Finding your personal toolkit for peace and wholeness


ISBN 978 1 78893 257 0

325 Pages

Price £9.99

This book does manage to use the word wellbeing many times, but that after all is what it is about. The author has written 26 chapters on words that begin with each of the 26 letters of the alphabet (she does cheat a bit with X and Z).

I like the way that each chapter is laid out in the following five main sections:

Connect (this section reflects on a biblical verse or passage)

Learn (this section seeks to encourage simple practices)

Get Active (this section encourages the reading to do something practical)

Take notice (this section points the reader to how this word could help others)

Give (this section has questions, a prayer and further resources scope for taking things further)

This book is packed with many thoughtful and helpful ways to recentre our lives and establish rhythms that promote rest rather than restlessness, peace rather than turmoil. It would be a useful companion for daily readings over a month or so.

Ruth Rice writes: “This book is an invitation to anyone with a pulse to attend to their own wellbeing, to write and to live their own alphabet of peace.”

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