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MP Magic Waffle Egyptian Cotton towel

A towel? Are you serious?! Yes – for good solid environmental and stewardship reasons! Read on ...

Back in November 2020, we reviewed some socks using recently developed technology by MP Magic, unusual because they had developed a sock which was not only warm, comfortable and hard-wearing but also didn't attract foot odour, and could be worn multiple times before washing.

Well, MP Magic have continued innovating and their latest development is a special 'Waffle' design bath towel, originally developed via a Kickstarter campaign, which offers a number of very worthwhile benefits.

It manages to combine considerable comfort and warmth with the ability to absorb moisture quickly, and dry quickly too. Made from Giza 86 Egyptian cotton which has properties that not only make it soft to the touch but also much longer lasting, as it's made from long-staple cotton, a finer cotton with fewer ends exposed. It also holds its colour much longer.

I've found it lives up to the hype, too. It's not a cheap towel ($69 for a pack of two, with free shipping) but from a performance and durability point of view, it's going to last you a lot longer than a standard towel, which has to be better for the environment in the long run.

Highly recommended - you can buy them and other MP Magic products at

Russ Bravo is editor of Inspire and Projects & Content Editor at CPO.

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