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W. Jay Moon and W. Bud Simon – Effective Intercultural Evangelism: Good News in a Diverse World


ISBN 978 0 8308 3172 2


218 Pages

I enjoyed reading this book by two experienced missionary practitioners, with a combined 33 years of field experience in Ghana and Brazil. Both now teach on mission, Moon at Ashbury Seminary and Simon as a mission consultant.

The main big idea of this book is that, for effective intercultural evangelism to take place, communicator’s need to be aware of the prevailing worldview of their hearers.

The authors list the following four worldviews:

Indifference/Belonging with purpose

This book convincingly argues that to try and communicate the gospel without being aware of how the recipient will hear the message will lead inevitably to the message not being heard.

It is interesting that at the same time as reading the news, there has been a lot of talk in media about indifference towards having the Covid jabs. A sizeable part of those who remain unvaccinated in the UK population are not anti-vax, they have merely not got around to it. Clearly in this instance our communication must not assume hostility to being jabbed. That would be to miscommunicate.

The second main contribution this book makes is to explore the varying learning styles that accompany these four worldviews. This helped me to think through where the weight of my efforts needs to be applied in talking to different people.

Some people respond well to an authoritative teacher using word-based arguments, but others are more open to experiencing the gospel in the context of a visible community, tangible power or the gradual drip feed of family and friends.

Recently I read that the can opener was invented after the invention of the can.

Having the correct implement is the safer and more satisfactory way of getting to the contents of a can. Finding the right tools to communicate in an increasingly diverse world is crucial if we are to reach those who are unreached for Christ.

This book is highly recommended to all who are concerned to communicate the message of Jesus in a winsome way.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex. He is Director of Training at the School of Preachers in Riga, Latvia.

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