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Julie Porter – Loneliness versus Being Alone: the journey from isolation to beautiful solitude

ISBN 978-1-913247-83-6

Kingdom Publishers



Isolation is one of the biggest challenges faced by millions in today’s world, so it’s good to see author Julie Porter address the issue from a biblical perspective.

More than 4.2 million people in England said they were lonely, according to research carried out in November 2020, and some 75% of Americans admitted they had experienced loneliness. There is something about our modern world that is leaving people more isolated than ever, despite a technological revolution that has meant it’s easier than ever to communicate. Where have we gone wrong?

Julie Porter’s book is divided into two sections. The first looks at what loneliness is, why people struggle with it, and ways to overcome it. And the second examines the value and benefits of solitude – are there good reasons for choosing to be alone?

This is a short (75 pages) and readable book that will be of particular value to Christians trying to work out what God’s plan is for their relationships, and how to deal with loneliness for themselves and others.

The author uses plenty of quotes from the experts, lots of biblical references and intersperses these with real-life examples and personal anecdotes.

I would recommend it as a valuable and helpful read for Christians, and those open to Christian wisdom. I’m not sure it would appeal so much to those outside the Christian faith - I'd suggest Christians thinking of passing it on to a non-Christian friend read it carefully first to be sure they would find it helpful.

Russ Bravo is editor of Inspire, and also edits the monthly independent magazine for the funeral sector, Funeral Service Journal. He runs a church-led comedy club at the Sussex seaside, and is a proud supporter of Brighton & Hove Albion.

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