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Abused – Addicted – Free : The inspiring story of Trudy Makepeace

Sarah Grace Publishing

ISBN 9 781 912 863 815

Price £9.99

231 pages

This was at the bottom of a pile of books I had been given to review. For some reason the other books seemed more compelling, that is until I began reading the first few pages.

This is a remarkable story well told. It takes spiritual sensitivity and great skill to describe a harrowing life with such an economy of words and careful restraint. At times I wondered how this young woman survived to tell the tale! The author’s description of abuse and addiction tells the story in such a way that we see the pain she experienced without any form of sensationalism.

The turning points that leads to freedom is a story of moments of grace, faithful people, getting a few breaks and slow progress. Trudy describes the process of moving into freedom as not being a quick process: “God is not a microwave God.”

Read this book to be reminded of what darkness can do to a life, but also to be reminded of the overcoming light of Jesus. This story moistened my eyes with tears, gave me a fresh perspective of the power of addiction, and provided an incentive to prayer for a greater freedom to be experienced by myself and others.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex. He is Director of Training at the School of Preachers, in Riga, Latvia.

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