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Bill Chausac – That Gentle Whisper: Learning to Recognise God’s Voice in a Noisy World

Muddy Pearl

ISBN 978 1 91455301 1

Price £12.99

173 pages

This is a remarkable book. What makes it so valuable is that despite its dramatic stories it is rooted in honest, wise experience, accountable relationships, and a desire to serve others. The book is the story of how Bill Chausac developed the gift of speaking into people’s lives with remarkable clarity and sensitivity, when prompted by God.

I was moved and encouraged by the stories, and I guess you will be too. Of course, it is easy to be sceptical. Bill just got lucky, he is deluded, or he is pulling the wool over people’s eyes. I don’t think that begins to explain what is going on here.

There is room in such an approach for self-aggrandisement, control and manipulation. The author sees these dangers and warns against them, as he seeks to root his gift in a theology of the sufficiency of Scripture. Some say that the sufficiency of Scripture rules out any such ongoing prophetic words, but sufficient Scripture appears to make provision for ongoing prophetic words.

If we recognise that it is unwise to suggest that God always or never speaks like this, and, conclude that God does use some people in this way, we might well see God work in this way more in our world.

The author makes a helpful fourfold distinction of how we hear and encounter God: Knowers – Feelers – Se-ers – Hearers.

Understanding our usual mode of encountering God is a good way to discern when God is at work in our lives.

This is a book to handle with care, ponder and use to grow in greater sensitivity toward God and others.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex. He is also Director of Training at the School of Preachers in Riga, Latvia.

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