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Blair Linne (with Shai Linne) – Finding My Father: How the Gospel Heals the Pain of Fatherlessness

The Good Book Company

ISBN 978 1 7898 6469

176 pages


I can speak from experience of the ache of being a fatherless child. I know something of the hole that fatherlessness leaves behind, and the strategies of attention-seeking and people-pleasing that can be used to try to fill that hole.

I can testify to the beautiful wonder of discovering God as my ever-reliable father, brothers in Christ being father-like role models, and the joy of being a husband, father, and grandfather myself. I have wiped away tears watching programmes like Long Lost Families and have shed a few tears while reading this book.

Blair Linne is a spoken word poet from the US, who uses her skill with words to tell her own story of fatherlessness. This is a moving account, well told. Often stories of fatherlessness are told by men, so it is it interesting to get a woman’s perspective.

What I valued most about this book is the way that the author is honest about the many heartaches of not having a father-figure in her life most of the time. It is helpful to read about different coping strategies that can turn into the idolatry of attention-seeking.

I also valued how, as a mature Christian woman, the author is able to process her experience through her growing appreciation of the fatherly love of God that is revealed in the gospel.

The book is enhanced by the chapter in which the author’s husband, the hip hop artist Shai Linne, who has a similar domestic background, tells his story. It is telling that he describes the process of being helped by his experience of the fatherhood of God, the father-figures he had experienced in his Christian life and his own experience of becoming a father.

Read this book if you want to gain an insight into the world of a fatherless person.

Read this book if for whatever reason you are fatherless: you will feel understood and you will see the path to hope.

Here is the author reading her poem: Finding My Father:



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