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Kate Bowler - No Cure for Being Human (and Other Truths I need to Hear)

Rider Books (Penguin Random House)

ISBN 978 186404B717 6

202 pages


This is “the long story of how I was coming undone but was not unmade.” That line perfectly sums up the message of this book. This is a moving account of a 35-year-old mother facing the rollercoaster ride of being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and being signed up for the trial of a radical new treatment.

As an academic historian, Kate Bowler has an astonishing eye for detail, as a writer she is able to evocatively describe her experiences, and as a human being she is able to be honest about her feelings. The author cut her academic teeth researching the Prosperity Gospel movement in North America. The language of that movement can sound insensitive and cruel when used in the presence of someone whose life is unravelling. The first chapter of this book tackles the superficiality of such phrases as “Best life now,” a theme explored more fully in the author’s previous book: Everything Happens for a Reason.

Her latest book invites us into a bright, promising and beautiful life, yet one which struggles to deal with a fragile life turned upside down.

“I am a professor of history, so I know this in my bones: nothing is inevitable. History is made by people who stared, blinking, into the uncertain future.”

This is a story of a determined woman who wanted to live and hung onto life by her fingertips. Take the invitation to follow the author into that uncertain future and learn something about what it means to move beyond spiritual cliches to find a better way to live, love and long.

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