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New music collective targets spiritual seekers

It’s not just Elvis who has left the building according to new Hampshire and London-based music collective Host. Offering a brand new and diverse take on songs aimed at the ‘spiritual but not religious’, they feel that it’s the Church itself that is finally breaking free.

New single, Light is You, now available on Spotify, sums up Host’s style perfectly. This is up-tempo, catchy pop music that is rooted in real life experience. Lead singer and co-writer, Tom Rowland, explains:

“At its core Host share a Christian faith, but we believe that we have great crossover appeal to people of all faiths and none. This is because we write songs that come from our own experiences and lives, where faith has not always been easy. In fact, it’s still a real journey for us all. Our songs are a way of sharing that journey with a wider audience who are maybe experiencing the same issues that we do.”

For Londoner Tom that has meant a life in the music industry that came with a real dark side, including drug and alcohol addiction. Now fully in recovery, Tom has been able to express that journey he took to a new life running Unwolf Studios in Hampshire through songs like OMG, Promised Land and One+One+One, all also available via Spotify and on their website .

Co-writer Pete Glenister, a London-based music producer, performer and writer who has enjoyed an extensive musical career most notably with Alison Moyet, Kirsty McColl, Terence Trent D’Arby, Darius Campbell (Colour Blind) and Corona (Rhythm of the Night), sees Host as something far more than just a band,

“Host, through its website, podcast, online interviews and more is a real landing ground for all sorts of people who are seeking something with deeper meaning or purpose in their lives”, explains Pete.

“Lots of people also struggle with the idea of church and would never turn up for a service on a Sunday morning. Every song that Host releases also has an accompanying talk or discussion that, in hopefully the most straightforward way possible, explores the theme of each song and can be accessed anytime. With Host, the Church has left the building to enter a virtual space.”

With a handful of inclusive and inspirational songs that also avoid the certainty and self-entitlement of much modern Christian music under their belt, there is still much more for Host to bring. The final core member of Host, Dom Clarke, a pioneer minister and the driving force behind Hosts non-musical output, has dreams that Host will fill a real creative space for the widest group of people.

“We are collaborating all the time with local musicians helping them to develop music that feeds into the Host ethos”, explains Dom. “We have lots more songs of our own and plan to perform live and to find a way to truly share the discussion with people about every aspect of faith. Nothing is off limits for us. Our sights are firmly set on finding new ways to go deeper together.”

Listen to Light is You at
Instagram: hostmusicuk
Twitter: @HostMusic2


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