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Ruth M. Bancewicz (Illustrated by Danny Allison) – Wonders of the Living World: Curiosity, Awe, and the Meaning of Life

Lion Hudson


ISBN 976 0 7459 8054

192 pages

Price £19.99

This beautifully illustrated book showcases the insights of group of established scientists, who are all committed Christians.

Each scientist invites us into their field of study to see how it can foster a sense of wonder as we observe the world. This is something that can be seen in the works of a variety of secular scientists, but the difference here is that the writers here trace this sense of wonder to the wonderful Creator. The point is made that Christian faith, far from inhibiting honest enquiry, is in fact the solid basis for such enquiry.

Alistair Mcgrath, whose eminent career as a Scientist Theologian features in the last chapter of the book, talks about the importance of purpose in engaging in scientific enquiry. Another contributor adds:

“Science allows us to investigate the world, while faith asks: “why is the world organised like this?” (Professor Simon Conway Morris)

The final chapter also contains pen portraits of the contributors; this provides a helpful context for their contributions.

Readers who adopt a literal reading of Genesis chapters 1-2 will have many of their views challenged, but whatever our perspective on origins, this book will evoke a sense of wonder in what God has made. As one contributor puts it:

“One of the reasons I went into science in the first place is because of my belief in God, but it also goes the other way. The more I study the world around me … the more that shows me something of the creator God. So studying science strengthens my faith, and my faith strengthens my motivation to do science.” (Rhoda Hawkins)

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