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Chris Morphew - Big Questions: Three books for teenagers, illustrated by Emma Randall

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? ISBN 978 1 78498 612 7 82 PAGES What Happens When We Die? ISBN 978 1 78498 616 2 82 Pages How do We Know That Christianity is Really True? ISBN 978 1 78498 614 8 86 Pages The Good Book Company £6.99 each

The author is to be congratulated for producing these brief well-written, beautifully illustrated books designed to be read by 9-13-year-olds. Each book tackles a big subject in a simple but not simplistic way, managing to communicate accessibly without the author appearing to talk down to his target audience. Big ideas are skilfully repackaged into an easily understandable format.

The books on suffering and death would make excellent conversation starters for individual young people or youth groups.

How do we know that Christianity is true? manages to compress a huge amount of  evidence on Christianity into a slim book. The odd duff note can be found: the James who is put to death in Acts 12 is not the brother of Jesus, but the brother of the Apostle John.

Chris Morphew has a brilliant way of distilling his careful research into readable material that would engage pre and early teens. I road tested the book of the truth claims of Christianity on my 9 ½ year old grandson. He was able to read it with understanding and engage in a useful conversation as a result. 

In fact, many people a few decades older than teenagers might find these excellent guides a great way to get their heads around some challenging topics.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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