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Patrick Regan with Liza Hoeksma – Bouncing Forward: Notes on Resilience, Courage and Change

Waverley Abbey ISBN 978 1 78951 363 9 188 Pages ​Price £8.99


This book is good at a number of levels. Its 10 chapters are like 10 rich motivational talks.

All the ingredients are here: an engaging style, solid research, carefully chosen quotes from a wide range of Christian and non-Christian sources. (Maybe the range is a little too wide at times. Although “all truth is God’s truth”, quoting a Mormon leader with approval did make me pause for a moment, as did the passing reference to “original goodness”). 

The book makes good use of real-life stories of people who are struggling. Perhaps the most significant real-life story that is told is the author’s own story. Patrick Regan is honest about his own struggles. The author is clearly of the “It’s OK not to be OK school”. 

I welcome a book that paints a picture of confidence in the adequacy of God combined with a raw exploration of human vulnerability. The book is enhanced by the inclusion of 27 days of biblical reflections based on the concepts covered in the book.

People facing a variety of challenges in life will find what the author has to say about resilience insightful, encouraging and enabling. I think that this is what the Apostle Paul might have been driving at when he spoke about Christians being “more than conquerors”.

  • John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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