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God is not a white man and other revelations – Chine McDonald

Hodder and Stoughton ​ISBN 978 1529349078 237 pages Hardback Price £16.99

When I received this book, my initial reaction was: “Not another book about racism!”

Yet as soon as I began to read the book. I realised it was not just “another book,” but one that brings a fresh contribution to the table. The author manages to achieve three distinctive things:

First, she provides a careful dismantling of the false premises that form the foundation of white supremacy.  What is striking about this is the substantial part that white Christianity has played in the process of promoting the white cause.

“As a 13-year-old girl, I had spent my whole life thinking that the soundtrack to the worship of God only came in the colour white.”

Second, the author convincingly presents a case for why the black woman is viewed as the least important person in Western society. The stories of Beyonce and Serena Williams are provided as examples of black women’s attempts to be accepted through excellence, and white society’s unwillingness to afford them the respect they deserve.

Third, it is to be welcomed that this book is written in a wise, constructive manner. Sometimes such books are shaped by non-evangelical agendas. This book breathes a different air; it is informed by a wide range of theological ideas but is expressed in honest and measured tones. Chine speaks at the end of this book of the desire that her son be viewed as one who reflects the image of God. That is an enterprise in which all readers should be interested.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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