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Guest blog: Richard Gamble from the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

Why it's vital we remember what God has done ...

That moment when the news announced that Boris Johnson had Covid was terrifying. In the midst of the pandemic it told us, if we hadn't already grasped it, this was serious. 

Fear was put on steroids, as a number of the government ministers fell ill and then came the development that Boris was in intensive care. My WhatsApp feeds and social media were filled with Christians urging us to ‘Pray for Boris’ and it was even the headline of The Sun newspaper. 

Though we didn’t know at the time, Boris had a 50/50 chance of pulling through.

The Sunday Times reported that ministers and advisors were encouraged to ‘just pray’. And then Boris pulled through and in a video address thanked the nation, rightly thanked the

NHS, thanked specific nurses and doctors, but the Almighty didn’t even get a namecheck.

And this lack of gratitude was mirrored in the Christian Whatsapp groups as everyone moved on to the next controversy or emergency to focus our requests on – not a murmur of what God had done.

This has happened before of course: Google the headlines ‘Pray for Muamba’ and you will see our daily nationals encouraging us to call on the Lord Most High for the life of the Bolton footballer. When he pulled through the same daily newspapers praised the skills of medical staff, and God’s role was sidelined and forgotten. 

More than 80 years ago the nation was called to pray for the troops on the beaches of Dunkirk, and millions prayed in churches across the UK. Miracles happened – the unexplained, the unexpected occurred and 300,000 were saved.

Yet not a jiffy of this narrative made it into the Hollywood blockbuster: God's role was simply edited out of history.

How the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will look

And perhaps this propensity to forget the divine is why there is such a strong emphasis on the importance of remembrance in the Holy Scriptures. And it is for that reason that I have written ‘Remember: Unlocking the Eternal Power of Answered Prayer’ to help ensure that we never forget to remember the things that God has done and restore this forgotten tradition. 

Deuteronomy 4:9 says “Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.”

So as we come out of lockdown and return to the busy and the bustling nature of life, can I encourage you to remember to tell your descendants you were alive when thousands prayed for the life of the Prime minister and God answered? 

Let's remember.

  • Richard Gamble is the founder of The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer which opens in 2022. He is the former chaplain of Leicester City Football Club and has this year authored his first book Remember: Revealing the eternal power of answered prayer, published on 15 April. If you have a story of answered prayer please share it at or donate at to support the project to build a national landmark about Jesus in the UK.

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