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Walking him home – Feby Chan and Naomi Reed

Learning to hope again after loving and losing Andrew Chan on Death Row Authentic ​ISBN 978 1 78893 216 5 120 pages Price £9.99

I was interested in reading this book because I remember the story of the prisoners in it being on the UK news six years ago. This is a remarkable book for three reasons.

Firstly, it is an account of observing God at work in the most difficult of circumstances. The story of the gospel work that takes place within a jail in Bali, has something of an Acts of the Apostles feel to it.

Secondly, it describes a simple childlike faith in God. Here is a willingness to believe that God will work in people’s lives.

Thirdly, the story relates how the Christian gospel can transform human beings and provide hope that not even the threat of death can crush. It is interesting to see the role Matthew Redman’s song Blessed be your Name plays in the expression of this unquenchable hope.

These factors are woven around the stories of two wounded people, whose friendship, love and tantalizingly brief marriage provide some measure of wholeness in a fragile world. The relationship of Andrew and Feby Chan was difficult to maintain, risky, and some might say naïve.

There are times when the reader might like a little bit more information than this slim book provides - I had a few question marks in my mind at certain points in the story. Despite that this is a fascinating story of openness to God’s direction and tenacity in seeking to follow his way and do his will.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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