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Timothy Keller – Hope in times of fear: The Resurrection and the meaning of Easter

Hodder and Stoughton ISBN 978 1 473 69060 8 Hardback Price 16.99 243 pages

One of the things that we have been learning during lockdown is the importance of becoming deeper people. With many of the anchorage points in our lives being loosened or ripped out completely, we need to be sure that we are establishing deep roots.

This book begins with the author recalling the time in 2003 when he was recuperating after thyroid cancer treatment. Keller used the time to read, amongst other things, N.T. Wright’s massive 800-page book, The Resurrection of the Son of God, which forms some of the substructure of Keller’s book.

Keller has written this book against the backdrop of political, racial and social tension in the US, and a global pandemic, and personally dealing with treatment for pancreatic cancer. As Keller says, such events concentrate the mind!

This book bears all the marks of a Timothy Keller book: careful research, clear biblical reflection, deep cultural analysis and insightful pastoral application.

The 12 chapters of this book explore the basis of the hope that is at the heart of Easter. These chapters address the foundations of personal hope in Christ, but also have a wider sweep that addresses fears related to the pandemic, racial tension and political instability.

Keller reminds the reader: “When Jesus rose from the dead, he came as the first instalment of the power of God, which will renew the world at the end of history.”

If you want to read a book about Easter that speaks with penetrating depths to every dimension of human experience, try this one. Read it slowly and carefully – dig deep to find the source of the power that will renew all things.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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