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The crisis we've all forgotten ...

With all that’s happened over the last year, it’s easy to forget that before the coronavirus pandemic, we already faced a global crisis – climate change.

The climate crisis is hitting people living in the world’s poorest places the hardest. For people like Morina, who is taking part in Traidcraft Exchange’s projects in rural Bangladesh, increasingly extreme weather is making earning even a basic living almost impossible.

Inspire Magazine is supporting Traidcraft Exchange’s Regenerators appeal, to help vulnerable communities fight back against climate change.

Morina’s Story

                                Morina collects water from a nearby river.
                                   Photo: Traidcraft Exchange/GMB Akash

“All my life I grew up seeing six seasons in my country. But now the hot season is so long, it's burning all the time. Winter comes for a very short time and too late, so we cannot grow vegetables like before. There are many frequent cyclones. The monsoon season begins when it is time to harvest. Due to the sudden rains our crops get ruined! During the last cyclone, our trees fell to the ground and our houses collapsed. All the crops on the land have been destroyed in the cyclone. We are already very poor, and this climate change is making our days miserable.”

Support Traidcraft Exchange and donate to the Regenerators appeal between 8th March and  7th June 2021 and the UK government will double your gift to help the most vulnerable stand strong in the face of climate change.

But Morina and others like her are working with Traidcraft Exchange to fight back. They are the Regenerators – people on the frontline of the climate crisis who are taking action to protect their land and livelihoods. They know what they need to do – they just need support to get started.

                                     Morina and her mother and daughter
                                   Photo: Traidcraft Exchange/GMB Akash

With your help, they can come together to fight back against climate change – by planting trees, reducing plastic use, and switching to alternative fuels and climate resilient crops. Alongside this, they can come together to find new ways to earn a decent living, and save collectively – meaning that when disaster strikes, communities are better prepared.

“We learn and understand something new from this project in every meeting. This project is changing our lives and making us aware about climate change. We are trying to plant trees. We are trying to build our houses stronger and on a higher place. We no longer want to be dependent on agricultural work only. We are trying to learn different skills of income. Together when we stand side by side, we are able to deal with many problems. We can help each other with wisdom; we can deal with any danger together.”

Donate to Traidcraft Exchange’s Regenerators Appeal between 8th March and  7th June 2021 and the UK government will double your gift to help the most vulnerable stand strong in the face of climate change. To donate or learn more, go to 

“(As part of the project) I bought a sewing machine a few months ago and I am learning to sew with it. After learning sewing, I will be able to earn some money with this job.” Morina.
Photo: Traidcraft Exchange/GMB Akash


Top Photo: Morina’s house, destroyed by flooding (Photo: Traidcraft Exchange/GMB Akash)

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