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Nel Bennet – A chance to be sorry: forgiving those who are not sorry

Self-published ISBN 978 0 9926063 9 8 179 pages £7.99

This is a book of two halves of differing length. The first and longest section is a moving story, well told. I would guess that the author is around my age, as I recognise many of the cultural references. The story contains a truckload of trauma in a tragic story of broken families, abuse and the conflicted loyalties and paralysing fears that result from these experiences.

I appreciate the way the author paints the picture of her life without descending into sensationalism or bitterness. The story unfolds with an honesty about the pain, but also leaves room for the cracks that allow the light to shine through. A major part of this light comes through her Christian faith and the support received from the church; this despite one church contributing to the problem.

The story explores the need and desire to be heard and for justice to be done and seen to be done. The author writes well of how complicated this process can be in practice.

The second part of the book provides a valuable reflection on this story that is based on the authors’ careful research. This brief section is packed with practical wisdom, useful information and contact details of a variety of organisations that are there to help.

This would be a valuable book for anyone who is struggling with similar experiences, or for anyone who is seeking to understand and support victims of abuse.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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