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An Unconventional God: the Spirit according to Jesus – Jack Levison

Baker Academic ISBN 978 1 5409 61 19 8 226 pages Price £12.99

Jack Levison has written a beautifully crafted and imaginative account of the activity of the Holy Spirit in the Four Gospels. Gathering together every reference to the Holy Spirit in the Gospels, Levison captures well the significance of the Spirit in the life and teaching of Jesus. This well-told story describes how the Spirit can create order and calm, but can also be wild and unpredictable

I appreciated the way that the author was able to bring fresh insights into familiar passages in the gospels. Reading the 10 chapters of this book was like visiting the Sistine Chapel once the frescoes had been cleaned after centuries of smoke and incense had obscured its bright colours.

To give you a flavour, this is Levison on the baptism of Jesus:

“Tying together the sonship and the servanthood of Jesus is the most intimate word of all: beloved. There is shared love, not just vocational clarity. There is affection here, not just a job description.”

I am still delighting in that description, which has opened up for me a window into the heart of God that has flooded my imagination with glorious light.

If you want to know more about the work of the Holy Spirit; this book is an excellent starting point.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex


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