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UK's longest serving black Pentecostal pastor (95) set to mark church's 50th anniversary

Ninety-five year old leader Pastor Amy Williams, the oldest serving black Pentecostal preacher in the UK, is getting ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Chosen for Christ Ministries (CfCM) the church she founded in 1970.

Based in Hanwell, West London, CfCM will be the first black British Pentecostal Church to host a Golden Jubilee celebration online as a result of the nationwide lockdown caused by COVID-19.

CfCM 50th celebration began on Saturday 7 November 2020 on Zoom with An evening with Pastor Amy Williams – Imparting The Word of God. Pastor Williams shared some of her life story, and her knowledge of the Word.

During the weekend of 5-6 December, 2020, CfCM will be broadcasting their 50th anniversary over the internet and social media starting at 6pm.

Pastor Williams, who has been a Christian for many years said, “Our church couldn’t let 2020 pass without celebrating this momentous occasion. God has been good to us over these past 50 years and it is only fitting that CfCM commemorates our landmark church anniversary with a special event.”

Sarah Williams, the church Director and Project Manager for CfCM’s 50th anniversary celebrations stated, “Like everyone else, COVID-19 and the lockdown took our church by surprise. We were planning to have a big 50th anniversary celebration but have had to scale it down due to the lockdown and social distancing. However, we are excited about being the first black Pentecostal church in Britain to host a 50th anniversary online.”

The online celebration will include gospel music, tributes from church leaders across the UK including Bishop John Francis of Ruach City Church, and testimonials from members who have worked alongside Pastor Williams to spread the gospel and do charitable work in the local community.
Pastor Williams was 45 when she answered God’s call to start a church. She had arrived in the UK in 1956, as part of the Windrush Generation to join her husband.

She initially felt called to be a Missionary, and soon after arriving in the UK started holding public prayer meetings in her one-bedroomed home, eventually graduating to hosting them in a room at a Baptist church. It was in 1970 that she felt the call to plant a church in Hanwell W7.

Pastor Williams provided spiritual leadership to her congregation despite being a wife and mother of nine. She looks back at that time in her life and says that it was God who helped her cope with the demands of raising a family and running a ministry. She is particularly proud of the fact that all of her children are also Christians, and several of them have followed her into Ministry.

This 95-year-old pastor can look back at a life spent serving the church and serving the community.
During its 50 year existence, CfCM has held mission outreaches in the UK, The Caribbean, Ireland and Europe. Members help out at the local soup kitchen, provide mentoring for young males, run a thriving youth department, and support a range of charities including Cancer Research, ACLT (African Caribbean Lukemia Trust), SKIP (providing aid to orphanage children in War Torn countries), and LEAP (who’s fundamental aim is to transform the futures of disadvantaged young people in the UK).

Sarah Williams said, “Whilst acknowledging that our 50th anniversary celebration online will be historical, Church members are looking forward with enthusiasm to this event. Those who join us will experience heartfelt worship, gospel music, and dynamic preaching – all things you would expect from a Pentecostal church. We will also be sharing the story of our journey as a church, and pray for his blessing on our efforts during the next 50 years.”

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