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Every step an arrival – Eugene Peterson

A 90-Day Devotional for Exploring God’s Word Hodder Books ISBN 9781529319323 £9.99 184 Pages

Music lovers enjoy outtakes and bonus tracks. Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen have huge stocks of unreleased material … Dylan’s “official’ bootleg releases now total 15 multi-disc sets. The benefit of such releases is finding rare gems, the danger is of giving air to something that does not come up to scratch.

Two years after losing Eugene Peterson, the author of the widely used Message Bible, we are still getting some of the benefits of his long and fruitful ministry.

This 90-day devotional is made up of extracts from some of Peterson's previously unpublished sermons on various Old Testament texts, with what seems to be an added thoughts on application by the editor. 

Is this a book that is full of gems or does it not come up to scratch? There are a lot of very good things here. Peterson always manages to conjure up fresh ways of looking at familiar biblical passages. 

Something, however, is lost by detaching the isolated extract from the context of a carefully developed sermon. Yet, here are 90 bite-sized chunks of wisdom from Peterson that contain a lavish sprinkling of his trademark turns of phrase that always spark further reflection.

This would make a nice gift for someone who wants to freshen up their daily devotions with some wise words from a master of Biblical reflection.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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