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MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks

Technology is consistently evolving in our fast changing world, and it's increasingly being applied to some of the most everyday of items we use. That's why we're reviewing a pair of socks.

Many of us spend long hours on our feet, so maybe we should pay a little more attention to shoes and footwear. One of the most innovative companies in recent years when it comes to socks has been MP Magic Socks, who started life in 2017 thanks to a crowdfunding campaign for their odourless socks.

Now their latest creation are MP Magic 37.5 Tech Merino Wool Socks. These combine comfort, durability and the ability to keep your feet at the ideal temperature of 37.5C (99.5F).

Do they live up to the hype? Well, in my experience, by and large yes. They're certainly warm and comfortable, bear repeated wearings before washing and look to be hard wearing too. I did find the 'tightening design' using the diastolic elasticity of Lycra a little tight on the top of the foot, but you get used to it.

If you're spending long periods of the day on your feet, and looking for some hi-tech socks to help you through, they're well worth a look.

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Russ Bravo is editor of Inspire, and Projects and Content Editor for CPO

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