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Parable Parade Card Game

Bible Games Central For Ages 6+ Playing Time 15 minutes 2-6 Players Price $11.95

Parable Parade has 100 colourful and beautifully produced playing cards and 12 summary cards. The cards are of good quality and are creatively designed. The object of the game is to collect two piles of cards, each containing four cards on the theme of one of the 12 parables of Jesus featured in the game.

Collect the Cards
Complete the Story
Capture the Point

The point is spelled out in the summary cards.

I played this at teatime yesterday while providing after school childcare for two of our grandchildren, aged nearly nine and seven. It’s a well-designed game that is simple to play – our granddaughter enjoyed the colourful cards especially the all of the Kingdom Cards that were pink!

Our grandson liked the gently competitive nature of the game. Today’s game lasted about 15 minutes each and both grandchildren won a game each. Can you guess who was on the losing end of each game?

Parable Parade is a great way for different age groups to interact in an entertaining game while learning something about the parables of Jesus. This would make a very nice stocking filler for Christmas and give families something to do on a winter day.

Review: Rev John Woods – John is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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