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Bear Grylls - Soul Fuel for Young Explorers

Hodder and Stoughton ISBN: 9781529347746 Hardback 181 pages £10.99

This is a book designed for young readers, with bite-sized devotional chapters designed to help “Young Explorers” find resources for the adventure of life – though it could be read profitably by all age groups.  Written with the usual Bear Grylls enthusiasm, the book is a blend of the SAS, Boy Scout code, Blue Peter badge and biblical wisdom all rolled into one.

The author makes it plain that Soul Fuel is an essential for flourishing in life: “We can go roughly three weeks without food, two days without water and three minutes without oxygen. How long can we go on living effectively without refuelling our faith?”

This book contains 70 reflections, which are sprinkled with stories from his own life, and skilful illustrations by Patrick Laurent.

One teenage boy in our church says ‘I really like the flow of the book and the way it links easily between Bear Grylls' survival tips and life with God.'

It was particularly useful to read about the author’s struggles with vulnerability and failure, and how to deal with these struggles in a positive way. This is a simple, clear and honest devotional book that I pray will do lots of young people – and not so young people – a lot of good.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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