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The Marriage Book – Nicky & Sila Lee

New Revised Edition Hodder 366 Pages £10.99 ISBN 978 1 473 69421 7

The Marriage Book and the Marriage Course have been vital tools for helping married and to be married couples learn what makes a good marriage work. This new edition provides up-to-date practical advice for any married or engaged couple.

The book is biblical but not preachy, grounded in real life, honest, wise, practical and authentic.

“While reading this book, you may feel that the Lees’ marriage is ‘too good to be true’, but having observed it for over 40 years , let me assure you it’s entirely true and it inspires us to aim for the very best.” So writes Nicky Gumbel in the foreword to this revised edition.

Clearly the chemistry between this couple is part of the “secret’ of what makes this book work so well. It begins with the authors telling their story, and their story with each other and God is the vital subtext of all the distilled wisdom that is crammed into this helpful book. The structure and content are largely the same as previous editions. It is divided into seven sections:

Strengthening the Connection (new title)
The Art of Communication
Love in Action
Resolving Conflict
The Power of Forgiveness
Parents and in-laws
Good Sex

Some of the people quoted or used as examples have been changed to connect with a different audience.

An excellent gift to give an engaged couple, a book for a couple in a crisis, or for a couple who want to avoid one.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex



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