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Glittering Vices: A New Look at the Seven Deadly Sins and Their Remedies – Rebecca Konynoyk DeYoung

Second Edition Brazos Press 274 Pages Price £14.99 ISBN 1 58743 440 2

I bought this book when it came out a decade ago when I was preaching a series of sermons on the Seven Deadly Sins. As you are asking, these are Envy – Vainglory – Sloth – Avarice – Anger – Gluttony – Lust.

I found the book helpful at the time and was interested to see a new edition.

It is more or less the same book, but the author has taken the opportunity to update the book and expand it in certain places. It now includes questions for reflection or discussion, and further reading suggestions after each chapter, and a concluding chapter entitled: The Rest of the Journey. This chapter contains the line:

‘… the devil has a “sin package” especially designed for each of us. Nevertheless, whatever vice you find yourself susceptible to, the trouble is the same: habitual pursuit of any created thing in God’s place will lead to unhappiness, self-destruction and enslavement.’

That gets to the heart of what these sins do to us. The Devil knows which of our buttons to press. He uses a customised delicious bait that conceals the deadly hook.

DeYoung manages to explore these famous sins in a fresh and compelling way that refuses to let the reader or the author off the hook. The book is an honest examination of the heart motivation of human beings, the deadly vices that enslave us and the disciplined virtues that set us free. 

This book would serve as an excellent personal health check for any Christian, and a good basis for a small group study.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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