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The mission behind our clothes

Hosea Clothing owner Chris Stroud tells the story behind the clothing company …

I’m often asked the same question about Hosea: “How did you come up with the vision to start your own clothing brand?

And to be honest with you, the story behind the thought creation for the brand isn’t as interesting as one might think. After spending much of my life as a “part time Christian,” I started to seek and yearn more for the presence of God in my life. The initial honeymoon period was met with the expected trials and tribulations; but God has always remained constant in every season.

A few months later, I’d reached a point where I’d felt so passionate about my faith and wanted to display that in some way. I’d searched the market for Christian clothing but I couldn’t find anything that matched my fashion taste. And thus after much prayer and advice, the formation of Hosea Clothing began …

As the first few months of foundation setting took place, our mission as a brand had become clearer:
We were to create Christian clothing that not only empowered fellow believers in their faith but also helped to share the gospel through fashion.

To explain how this would work in practice, l need to shed some light on the importance of branding in our everyday lives.

The world is full of brands. From the shoes we wear to the cars we drive. Everything is a brand. I would go as far as to say that all of us are a walking brand. The next time you go out take a mental note of all of the different clothes that you are wearing. Take a note of the food that you decide to buy.

Perhaps some of these decisions are made subconsciously. Nonetheless, you are still supporting the brands by choosing to represent them. You support their ideals and what they represent as a brand. For example, if you drink Innocent Smoothies you are acting in a health-conscious way which insinuates that you support the idea of a healthy lifestyle.

The reason that many have bought from Hosea is because they support the message that we represent. They represent our brand because they believe in the message. Our clothing is not just a piece of apparel, but a statement of faith.

A brand that not only allows Christians to feel comfortable in their faith, but also allows them to open up about their faith to others. A tool to speak to the lost and an anchor for the start of someone's journey with Christ.

I'd like to think that our clothes are priceless to our customer. We want our statement clothing to be timeless. Because the message will never change.

We believe our products represent a fashion trend that won't go out of style because of the meaning behind the clothing.

Be proud in the brands that you represent as they go a small way to show off what you believe in.

I learnt something from just observing some of my friends at church. All of them have branded shoes that are kept in top class condition. Whilst looking down at my own, I noticed several scuffs on the front of my Adidas Stan Smiths. I thought my friends were buying new trainers every week.

But they just treated the brands that they represented with the utmost respect. In fact, my friend Leon informed me he keeps his religion | relationship hoodie in perfect condition by not washing it frequently!

It got me thinking that hopefully our Hosea products have the same value to the customers that trainers have to my friends!

If that is the case then we are going some way in achieving our mission.

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