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Bedtime Prayers for Children – Tsahai Gomwalk Jacobsen

Sweet Bedtime Prayers for the Week, Monday through Sunday Resource Publications ISBN: 978-1-7252-5995-9 22 pages Price £10

The author suggests that this little book is intended for primarily for children in the age range 0-6 years but could be used for older children. The book contains a prayer for every day of the week and three additional prayers for morning, evening and mealtime. 

The prayers are short, simple and rhyming. They would make a lovely way to begin the day and celebrate everyday life and its delights.

Our youngest granddaughter, aged 4, said: “I really like ‘feathers going on the floor’ and ‘thank you for our feet, we like all the things that Jesus made us’. I like praying to Jesus because Jesus is the most powerful. Jesus is amazing and he is in our heart.” 

Our middle granddaughter said: “I like all of them best, and I love the Wednesday prayer because it had it all, the flowers and the snail went by; I love that bit. I like God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit- we pray to them.”

Well I guess that is what you call a glowing recommendation. Some might baulk at the price, £10 is a lot for a tiny book but it does raise a smile and nurture a prayerful attitude to life.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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