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The good thing about bad days – Margaret McAllister

Illustrated by Nick Baines Lion 64 pages Price £7.99 ISBN 978 0 7459 7844 4

Margaret McAllister
This is a very timely book, coming as it does at a time when many families have experienced several weeks of lockdown.  

Life can be stressful when life’s routines are interrupted. Change can stir up a range of feelings: sadness in not seeing friends and family, worry about when this will end, or anger that things are not going our way. 

In this brief book Margaret McAllister throws out something of a lifeline to children, and their parents, who might be having feelings like this. 

It is written by a Christian, but one with a light touch. It would be a great little present for any primary age children you know. It could well start a few very useful conversations.

My grandson, aged eight, said he liked the title and the section: ‘But it’s not fair,’ that says that it’s good not to get angry when you think something is unfair.

He also liked the ‘Your notebook’ section. “I like this as you can draw how you are feeling as sometimes, I find it hard to write how I’m feeling. When you are feeling angry it’s better to do something or help someone to make you feel better. In my box I would put playing with my friends and my family.”

My eldest granddaughter, who is 6, said she liked the idea of putting precious things in a special place.  She said she would: “Have a pink box and in it she would put all her friends and family, her toys, a favourite story, a tablet and a football. These things would make me happy.”

She also said that the book made her think that: “If I’m worried, I go to mummy and daddy or my teacher; if I have a bad day it’s better when I see mummy!”

The book is simple, beautifully illustrated, stimulating and practical. In a word it offers hope!

Hope that bad days will end. 
Hope that there is someone who understands. 
Hope that there is somewhere to go for help. 

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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