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The Gift of Blessing by Kate Patterson

Muddy Pearl Publishing 128 Pages Price £9.99 ISBN-10: 9781910012499

Many of you will have seen the UK Blessing on YouTube, in which scores of Christian musicians have collaborated to sing the blessing of Numbers 6: 24-27 over the nation. This book – released a year or so ago – is an extended meditation on the same blessing. The Covid-19 crisis is an excellent time for those who missed the book when it first came out, to catch up with it now.

The book was written around the time of the author’s 25th wedding anniversary and launched just before the sudden death of her husband. The mingling of tears and smiles make this book a refreshingly honest and helpful book for our uncertain times.

Kate Patterson picks her way through the phrases of the blessing in Numbers 6: 24-27, illuminating them with tiny stories, quotes, observations and prayers.

The book is simple without being simplistic, brief without being banal, and theologically thoughtful without being tedious. These reflections would make a great companion for a regular thought for the day for individuals, couples or families. 

I particularly liked the section: The Gift of Attention.

“Love pays attention … He (God) pays attention.”

At a time, such as this, when people are asking deep questions about life, death and suffering, we all need to be reminded of the eternal face that is turned towards us.

John Woods is a writer and Bible teacher based in West Sussex

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