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Timothy Keller – On Death

Hodder and Stoughton £9.99 105 Pages ISBN 976 1 529 32574 4

Death is not the subject that most people would choose for polite conversation; if you want to quieten a room, mention death.

The Covid 19 pandemic has, at least temporarily, changed all that. Every day the daily death toll is announced on the news, the faces shown of NHS staff who have died. There are also the familiar faces from politics, sport and entertainment, who have also died as a result of this virus.

Suddenly death is unavoidable, inevitable and terrifying. Where do we find the resources to face death as Christians? In this brief book on the subject Timothy Keller takes us on a tour de force of the biblical case for encountering the rupture of death seriously, experiencing grief honestly, and embracing hope with joy and confidence.

This book grew out of an address given by the author at a relative’s funeral. It is simple, substantial and scriptural. All who have to speak about death, all who deal with death around them, all who will die will find this book immensely helpful.

One of the most helpful features is an appendix that gives two sets of biblical texts, one for each day of the week, the first dealing with those facing their own death, the second for those facing the death of others. 

Here's a link to a blog piece I wrote recently encouraging preachers to tackle the subject of death

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